We are planning to publish Wire Glue projects on YouTube. Please help us pick interesting projects that are made with Wire Glue (Check all that interest you):

Textiles and art projects like lights and switch buttons
AM and Short Wave Antenna Projects
Ham Radio Satellite Communications Antennas
Building Simple Projects with Found Electronic Parts from Junk Cell Phones and Computers
Electric Guitar Repairs
Blinking Lights and Other Projects for Model Trains & Boats
Short Wave Crystal Radios and other Radio Projects
Do you have any project ideas:


From the list above which is your favorite?:

Textiles AM & SWL Antennas Satellite Antennas Projects with found parts

Guitar Repair Blinking Lights Radio Projects


With household chemicals Wire Glue can be reformulated into other applications. Would any of the following YouTube how-to videos be of interest? (Check all that you would watch):

Stretch Sensors for robotics and electric textiles
Conductive Electrical Grease (For Motorcycle and Marine Fuse Blocks)
Extra strength connections

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I am retired

I am a student

I am a teacher

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My age is 30 - 40

My age is over 40

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Are there any ideas you have for Wire Glue, You Tube projects? Everything you say will be carefully read and considered.

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