Each jar contains 0.3 oz. fl. of Wire Glue




  Lead Free
  Simple: One Easy Step
  Reliable: Permanent Bond
  Highly Conductive
  For Both AC and DC Circuits
  Quick and Easy Repairs


  Surface Mount
  Computer Repair
  Flex Boards
  Connector Repair
  Solar Cell Leads
  RF Shielding
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Wire Glue With Advanced Microcarbon Technology

Wire Glue utilizes the latest advances in microcarbon technology to bring you a highly conductive glue at a fraction the price of competitive products which use precious metals.

Intended for hobby and repair applications, Wire Glue is the first in a series of adhesive products based on microcarbon from Anders. In development are epoxies and other adhesive systems with unsurpassed durability and strength yet they will retain the low cost attributes of Wire Glue. A better conductive adhesive technology at a better price brought to you by the Anders Products Division of Idolon Technologies.