Helpful Hints


In order to properly mix the product pour the liquid on top of the jar into a seperate cup and mix what is on the bottom. Now, retroduce the top liquid and mix again.


As Wire Glue is gains electrical conductivity through carbon rather than a metal of soldering use the thinnest possible coat about the thickness of piece of tape and apply pressure as the glue dries.



Thinning -Out Wire Glue

If the Wire Glue gets too thick it can be thinned with a little water.  As long as the jar has not dried out rock-hard it can still be used.

Thickening Wire Glue

To thicken Wire Glue mix the jar well and pour the contents into a disposable cereal bowl or similar container.  At room temperature after an hour mix and check the viscosity. After about two hours mix again and you Wire Glue will be about 30% thicker. With longer times the Wire Glue will take on a paste-like consistency.

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